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Essential Oil Diffuser - The Hibiscus

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  • Quiet Cool Mist Humidifier - Enjoy Aromatherapy Experience with Your Favorite Scented Essential Oils - Free eReport Download - Ultrasonic Vaporizer with Excellent Mist Disperse Rate - Enlightening 7 Color Changing LED Lamp - Best Candle Burner Replacement - Oval-Shaped Oil Diffuser with Elegant Finish Housing - 180-Day Product Replacement Warranty When You Purchase with Smiley Daisy
  • Elegant. Relaxing. Rejuvenating. The Hibiscus diffuser is one of the well-designed diffusers from SmileyDaisy. Designed to quench the thirst for relaxation, this diffuser is carefully crafted to suit your taste. It has an ultrasonic water-oxygen diffusing feature which maintains the molecular structure of the essential oils and allows for ease of health bodily absorption.
  • Feel relaxed when you look at the changing LED lights of the diffuser. Get all the benefits of aromatherapy, aqua therapy and light therapy when you turn the diffuser on. It can also double as a humidifier for you to avoid symptoms of the common cold, flu, allergic asthma, dry nasal passages, etc. Just make sure to use 100% pure essential oils to get the full effect of helpful aromatherapy.
  • Over 6 hours of usage with full water capacity. Auto shut-off function when the water level is low. Independent controls for light and mist. Two mist mode settings, it can run under high/low continuous mist. 5 drops of essential oil is what's needed to make your room smell good.
  • The diffuser weighs approximately 1.1 lbs. and can be plugged into an AC 100-240V outlet. Great to have in offices, SPA, and bedroom that is less than 200 square feet.
  • We are dedicated to the perfection of our products. However, on rare occasions, defective products do occur. If you have received a product that is unsatisfactory, please DO contact us, we will work with you on any issues related to our diffusers.
  • Product Specification:
    Model Name: Hibiscus
    Materials: Upper parts PP + Lower parts ABS
    Dimensions: Approx. 8.27" x 6.58" x 3.15"
    Weight: Approx. 1.5 pound
    Power Input/Output: AC 100-240V 50/60HZ
    Length of Core: Approx. 72"
    Water Tank Capacity: 350 ml
    Noise Level: less than 35 dB
    Mist Output: Around 35 ml/hr or 25 ml/hr; continuous mist with two levels of mist output, there is a low hum when operating this diffuser due to the motor size
    Suitable Area: Up to 200 square feet
    Run over 6 hours with full water tank.
    Oils sold separately
    UPC: 0617237698087(Walnut Brown) 0617237698094 (Creamy White)
  • Package Content: Smiley Daisy Essential Oil Diffuser, AC Adapter, Measuring Cup, User Manual, and 180-day product replacement warranty. 
  • Application: Bedroom, Living room, SPA, Yoga, Office, Hotel, Hospital, etc.
  • Operation User Manual

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    Helpful Instructions:  Below are helpful instructions on how to operate your essential oil diffuser – Hibiscus model.

      1. Insert the plug of the DC supply into the socket on the back of the unit. 
      2. Position the unit on a flat and hard surface. (Do not lay a towel or soft fabric under the unit) Remove the upper cover from the base. 
      3. Fill the tank with tap or distilled water using the enclosed measuring cup up to 350ml. Note: The measuring cup is 100ml so you will need to fill it 3 ½ times. You will notice the tank should be more than half full.
      4. Add few drops of essential oil into the water. Always fill water first before adding essential oils. We recommend using around 3 drops per 100ml of water. You can add more to your preference for the aroma strength.
      5. Place the outer cover onto the base. Make sure it is an exact fit.
      6. Plug in (one beep indicates it’s operating) and turn on the device using the mist button. The right side of the singular button is the mist button. The left side is the light button.  
      7. Light Button:
        1st press: rotate light colors
        2nd press and on: fix on one light color
        Press and hold for 2 seconds: turn off the light

      8. Mist Button:
        1st press: the unit will work in continuous mist mode
        2nd press: auto shut-off after 2 hours of use
        3rd press: switches the unit off

      9. If you will not use the product for a long time, drain out the water from the tank and dry completely. Cleaning it before storing it is always a good idea.  Store the product in a dry and cool area. If you wish to use it again and did not clean it before storage, we recommend cleaning it before using it again. (Please see user manual for detail). 


    Cleaning Instructions: If you have received the product and have been using it for a couple days, here are the general instructions on how to clean your essential oil diffuser:

    (You should clean your diffuser regularly to keep it working properly, once a week is sufficient in most cases, unless you change the oils frequently) 

    1. Before cleaning your diffuser always turn the unit off and unplug the cord from the diffuser. Empty any remaining water from the tank.
    2. Fill the water tank with 100ml of water and one tablespoon of citric acid (sour salt) or two tablespoons white vinegar.
    3. Let the mixture soak for about 5 minutes (it can be longer if the unit is really dirty)
    4. Take a q-tip and lightly scrub the ultrasonic vibration plate (little disc inside the tank)
    5. Take a paper towel and wipe the solution all around the inside of the tank to clean the oil residue off the inside of the tank.
    6. The plastic liner inside the lid can be gently pulled out of the Hibiscus model. Be careful not to lose the rubber ring in the lid outside mist hole, you should remove it first so it does not fall out. You can use this solution soaked paper towel to wipe the outside edges of the tank and the plastic inserts inside the lid and the lid itself. This will help keep the lid from getting dirty or sticky from the oil and condensation.
    7. Pour out the cleaning solution.
    8. Rinse out the tank and lid parts with water and dry thoroughly with a paper towel.
    9. DO NOT FORGET to place the lid inserts back into the lid. This is the most common cause of units leaking. The inserts are what release the mist and must be in the lid.



    • Do not clean the product with detergent of any kind.
    • Do not use table salt; it is not the same as citric salt.
    • If you are not going to use the diffuser for a while, clean and dry thoroughly. Do not leave water sitting inside the diffuser for days (or weeks); this will cause mildew and bacteria to grow.
    • Never immerse the unit in water or let water enter the air outlet.


    We hope you love your diffuser and it has made a positive impact in your life.  If you have any questions about the design, usage or cleaning of the diffuser please contact us.  You can also check out our web page for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and links to helpful videos.



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