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About Us

And I was wondering if you will read this “About” page.

This is the third time I am writing an “About” page. For the most part, I found these pages to be somewhat boring and usually full of dry names and facts. This page you are reading is promised to be all that and more.Once upon a time, a guy named Jeffrey, was spending close to eight~nine hours a day in air-conditioned offices, often following it up with a whole night’s sleep in closed, cool bedrooms. With constant and direct exposure to cool, dry recycled air, his skin became itchy and scaly. He was getting stressed and tired easily day after day and not wanting to entertain his family after work.It just happened in one of the beautiful summer afternoons. A bunch of hikers and Jeffrey went on a long trail in the mountain. He was chatting with another guy, called Bill, who happened to have a part-time business in a large flea market selling incense sticks, incense cones, essential oils, fragrance and oil lamps. Jeffrey didn’t pay too much attention, because he has been to some of the houses that burn incense cones or oils with candles. He doesn’t like the strong smell and the possibility of causing fire if unattended.

One day Jeffrey went to see his friend Bill at the flea market. Bill introduced himself enthusiastically with his hiking buddy of the products he was selling -- The variety of oils, pretty patterned electric burners, and incense sticks and cones. One of the customer mentioned the “diffuser”. Bill didn’t carry diffusers, but he told Jeffrey he knowed what diffuser is. When Jeffrey went home, he googled “diffuser”, and the “Eureka!” moment bubbled up from his head. He realized that the essential oil diffuser can benefit so much from his dehydrated skin to better sleep.

And Voila! There it is. Hopefully this is short, interesting, and can help with your situation too.

If you want to know more than that, just ask.

Smiley Daisy is a small business striving to provide products that would help reduce stress, uplift spirits and improve sleep. Our goal is to hooray your everyday.